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Our current major customer is The Boeing Company, whose commercial division is located in Southern California. The commercial division procures spare parts for legacy McDonnell-Douglas airplanes such as the DC 9, DC-10, MD-11, MD 80 and MD 95 and the 7-series of Boeing aircraft such as the 727, 737 and 747. RBH produces spare parts for these aircraft.

In 2007, RBH was selected to participate in the commodity contracting Four Hour Vision Program by The Boeing Company. Under this program, RBH is a prime supplier for manufacturing of unplanned demand spare parts for airplanes that are in service and need immediate turnaround of spare parts.

The Boeing Company also produces the C-17 Globemaster III airlifter for the U.S. Air Force at its facility in Long Beach, California. RBH produces spare parts for this aircraft.

In addition to aircraft manufacturers, our customers include subcontractors to manufacturers and first-tier defense contractors, including John J. Mazur, Inc., Kapco Corporation, LCF Systems, Inc., and The Nordam Group.

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